Leanna's "I LIVED" Lists 

After 17 year old Leanna was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, she bravely decided to help other families experiencing the difficult stage she found herself in. The Feel Better Legacy,"Leanna's -I LIVED- Lists" was born. 


Leanna's lists help celebrate and share a warrior's life and the things they wish to do, accomplish, and experience while battling their life-threatening illness, disease, or cancer.


These lists not only bring hope and positivity to the children and their families during an extremely difficult time, but also make the dreaded discussion surrounding mortality and their wishes, easier to facilitate.

If your warrior is in need of such assistance, please contact us. 

To donate to Leanna's own list: https://www.gofundme.com/leannas-i-lived-legacy

Active "I LIVED" Lists

We encourage our viewers to reach out if they can help accomplish something on a warrior's list.

Donations are greatly appreciated as well!  

Leanna's List:

  • #1 Wish: She would like to spend quality time with her entire family- mom, dad, and brother - while traveling the United States on a great adventure (seeing some of the places below)

  • Get A 'Fearless' Tattoo (Leanna has drawn the tattoo)

  • Snorkel the Grand Cenote Tulum

  • Ice Skate in Rockefeller Plaza at Christmas

  • Sky Dive

  • Scuba Dive

  • Visit New Orleans (preferably during Mardi Gras)

  • See Niagara Falls

  • Visit Nashville to see the Bluebird cafe or Grand Ole' Opry

  • Hold a panda/koala bear

  • Visit the Grand Canyon

  • Parasail

  • Travel to Europe

  • Complete a mission trip with her church group

  • Learn to Snowboard/ski 

Completed Wishes:

  • Visit the Wilds - *Thank you Friends of Faith Pruden Foundation!

  • Take a hot air balloon ride - *Thank you Friends of Faith Pruden Foundation!

  • Have a Luau in Maui - *Thank you Make A-Wish!

  • Swim with dolphins - *Thank you Garchar Family!

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