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Who We Are:

Feel Better Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit that supports families with children with life-threatening medical conditions.

We wrap our arms around the entire family, offering emotional support, community, and legacies that help create light in the darkness.

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What We Do:

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Feel Better Legacies are lasting ways to honor or memorialize your child and their battle, while bettering the world around you. Legacies are planned acts of kindness, support, or community outreach. Some families choose to dedicate hospital wagons in their child's honor, others wish to plant a community garden. Some families even decide to host events to gain research money for their child's condition.


Families often find the legacy granting process therapuetic and healing- creating light from a dark time.

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Feel Better Mom is an online and in-person community for mothers with children with special healthcare needs. The group offers opportunities to engage, advocate, learn, and support. Special events for moms (spa days, empowering photoshoots, dinner, retreats, etc.) to unwind and heal are offered throughout the year.

Mama bears continually fight for their children. We support their fight be getting in the ring with them and empowering them to use their voice and share their story. 

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Feel Better Dad is an online and in-person community for fathers with children with special healthcare needs. The group offers opportunities to engage, advocate, learn, and support. Special events for dads include: tickets to sporting events, father/child events, dad dinners, and more.


Dads want to be able to fix every problem for their family. Often, when a child is diagnosed, dads feel helpless. They struggle with not being able to protect their family. We support dads by giving them the tools to heal and learn, in a relaxed setting. 

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Feel Better Sibs is a group that fosters and offers opportunities for siblings of warriors to feel seen, included, and valued. Special events for sibs are coming soon!

Every child needs to know that they are special and a part of their family's journey. We celebrate them and honor the trauma they have also endured.

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Why We Do It:



In Loving Memory of Jillian Ripley

Our Honorary CEO: Scarlett  

Shortly after her second birthday, sweet little Scarlett was diagnosed with a rare, one-of-a-kind, cancerous tumor growing in her colon. For months, Scarlett's family felt lost, angry, and helpless. Yet, they were always in awe of Scarlett's concern for the other children in the hospital. As Scarlett's family began to provide support to those around them, they realized how therapeutic giving back was. They took comfort in knowing that something good was coming from their pain. Scarlett's fight wasn't in vain.


Feel Better Foundation was born to gift other families that opportunity- to create their own light in the darkness. Over time, Feel Better Mom, Dad, and Sibs were added. After all, children are only as healthy and happy as their support system. When a child is diagnosed, the entire family is impacted.


Feel Better is there to make the ENTIRE family feel better.

Leadership Board:

President & Founder: Melissa Jackson
Secretary: Dyan Fox
Treasurer: Aaron Heironimus

Auxiliary Board:

Kelli Hartung

Jennifer Predovich
John Hartung
Julia Ripley

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