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Neil's Journey:

Neil was diagnosed with Mixed Phenotype Acute Leukemia (a rare cancer that is a blend of AML and ALL leukemia) in January of 2019. He endured more than two years of chemo treatments, lumbar punctures and numerous ER and hospital visits and had many side effects. He would go weeks at a time without eating and when he would finally get hungry, it was often for a brief time and often seemed to happen when there were few food options. Neil is now in remission and done with treatments, getting bloodwork each month to make sure he remains cancer-free. 

From Neil's Family: "We are excited to partner with Feel Better Foundation to provide Neil’s Meals—and more options for patients and families dealing with pediatric cancer and its many impacts. We hope patients now have more options to satisfy their chemo cravings and families get additional support to help them throughout the journey." 

Neil’s Meals:

Pediatric cancer warrior, Neil Taylor, has chosen to create the Feel Better Legacy, “Neil’s Meals.” Neil’s Meals aims to help pediatric cancer families by lifting spirits, satisfying chemo cravings, and providing comfort food to pediatric cancer patients during hospital stays.

How Neil’s Meals Works:

  • Families request a desired meal through Neil’s Meals and Feel Better Foundation for their warrior. Utilizing delivery services and volunteers, the meal is then delivered to the hospital lobby to the family at no cost.

  • Families can also attend Family Meal Nights- where family-sized take-out is delivered with the help of a volunteer to the hospital in mass quantities. Families can come down to the lobby of their hospital and take what they need for their family, at no cost.


This is an invaluable service, as we know many families experience food insecurity while their children are ill and hospital bills are high. We also know that patients struggle with nausea and an inability to eat while on certain medications and after procedures. By offering their favorite foods or something special, we hope to not only lift their spirits, but encourage eating, helping them remain strong and healthy.

Here are the ways you can support Neil’s Meals:

  • Donate a restaurant, grocery store, or coffee/dessert gift card to the address below. 

  • Contact us to host a gift card drive.

  • Make a monetary donation on our website to Feel Better with the note, for Neil’s Meals.

  • Send a donation check to 6816 Scioto Parkway, Powell, OH 43065 with the note, for Neil’s Meals.

  • Donate as a restaurant and host a Family Meal Night.

If your warrior is in need of such assistance, please contact us via our Facebook group: Neil's Meals (for same-day help) or message us via our website to plan future support. 

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