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TMI: The Molly Impact


Molly's Journey:

In 2019, on the day she was supposed to leave for college, Molly was diagnosed with Anaplastic Ependymoma, a rare brain cancer. Since then, while trying to continue her education and gain her independence as a young adult, she was endured 3 brain surgeries, 40+ rounds of radiation (with her head bolted to the table), immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and months of

Through Molly’s journey, she has strived to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of pediatric cancer to build awareness, raise funds, and provide hope to others. Yet, after being told that
she shares “too much sadness and her story was too hard to hear,” her true mission was formed. TMI, The Molly Impact. You can never share enough. 

Everyone’s story should be told, especially those warriors aged 16-24, who are underrepresented and underserved, missing support and resource opportunities. After all, this age group is caught between pediatric and adult hospitals, too old for wishes and help, but too young and struggling with cancer for independence. Molly and her team want to share their stories, support their needs, and let them feel seen and heard.


From Molly's Team: "We are elated to partner with Feel Better Foundation to share resources to support the AYA (Adolescent Young Adult) population dealing with cancer." 

TMI, The Molly Impact:

Young adult cancer warrior, Molly Oldham, has created the legacy, TMI, “The Molly Impact.” The Molly Impact (TMI), aids the underserved childhood cancer young adult population and their families by offering individualized support through personalized care packages, academic and medical scholarships, respite activities, advocacy, and recurrence wishes.

Here are the ways you can support The Molly Impact:

  • Make a monetary donation on our website to Feel Better with the note, The Molly Impact.

  • Donate a young adult appropriate gift card (Amazon, Starbucks, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.)

  • Send a donation check to 6816 Scioto Parkway, Powell, OH 43065 with the note, The Molly Impact.

  • Donate tickets to young adult appropriate events (sporting events, concerts, vacations, festivals, advocacy trips, etc.)

  • Have Molly speak or perform at your next event to benefit TMI and other cancer organizations.

If your warrior is in need of such assistance, please contact us via our TMI email address: or message us via our website to plan future support. 

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